Blogging Schedule and Update!

Hello everyone! Today I am just going to be updating you on a schedule for this blog.

Recently I have been thinking about starting a Booktube channel, but until I make a decision this is the schedule I will try to stick to!

Monday’s I will post miscellaneous things such as tags, non-book reviews, etc.

Friday’s I will post a book review.

The last day of every month I will post a wrap-up/TBR!

I am also going to start doing a monthly rewind, looking back at the previous month in more ways than just books!

Those are the two day’s I will try to for sure have content posted, as well as a third day which will change weekly!

I have kind of been all over the place with blogging, so I decided to bring more structure to the blog!

I hope this is alright for you guys, the schedule will officially begin next week!

Thanks for reading this boring post! Enjoy your day 😀


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