The Funko Pop! Tag!

Hello everyone! Today I will be doing a special tag, that being the Funko Pop!

P. S. I do own all of these, I just could not get pictures done tonight so they will just be pictures from the internet!

1. What is your favorite Funko Pop! from your collection?

I have two favorite Funko Pops!, those being Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Harley Quinn!




I love these two pops very much. Columbia is one of my all time favorite movie characters, and I think her pop hit her character and look spot on. Harley Quinn is someone I loved since childhood. I love her red and black look. This is my favorite edition of her! (Except the new one, but I don’t own those yet)

2. What is your least favorite Funko Pop! in your collection?

I don’t really have one I hate due to the look of it, but I am going to have to go with Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Pop 3

The only reason she is my least favorite is because she will not stand up! For some reason whenever I try to display her she falls down, and will not stay up. It is probably due to her massive head and small body, but anyways she is my least favorite.

3. What is your favorite Funko Pop! Series?

My favorite series I completely own is definitely The Rocky Horror Picture Show series.

Pop 4.jpg

It includes Brad Majors, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Columbia, Janet Weiss, Magenta and Riff Raff! Rocky Horror is one of my favorite movies, so I was more than excited when this series was announced, and bought it almost as soon as it was released. Every one of the characters is amazing and spot on. Funko did a great job with this set.

4. What is your newest Funko Pop!?

My newest Funko Pop! is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

Pop 5.jpg

I actually just received this yesterday! Luna is my favorite in the Harry Potter series. She is one of the only distinguished characters that reside in the Ravenclaw house which makes her that much greater! She is one of my favorites.

5. What is your oldest/first Funko Pop!?

The first Funko Pop! I ever got was Jack Skellington from  Nightmare Before Christmas.

Pop 6

Anything by Tim Burton amazes me, but Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely my favorite film by him. I received this Pop! 4ish years ago, and it started my love for the product!

6. What is your most valuable Funko Pop! in your collection?

My most valuable Pop! is definitely The Mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Pop 7

I originally received this one for Christmas when it was like $10, but now it ranges from 250-500 on Ebay and Amazon! I was definitely shocked when I saw that.

7. What is the best Funko Pop! you found in stores?

I have two answers for this question. I found them both at Hot Topic. The first I would like to talk about is the Summer Convention Exclusive Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story.

Pop 8

The original Twisty is wearing his mask, this one is not. American Horror Story is my all time favorite show, so when I saw this there was no question on whether or not I would be purchasing it.

The next Funko I found at Hot Topic is Cosima from Orphan Black.

Pop 9

The main reason I was so excited upon finding this one is because it was an exclusive early release! I also love the show, and she is my favorite character 😀

8. What is your favorite Funko Pop! exclusive?

My favorite Funko Pop! exclusive is the BMO Noire from Adventure Time.

POP 10.jpg

I used to watch Adventure Time a lot, and I just think this one is so cute! I love black and white items of any variety so its perfect!

9. Create a Funko Pop! rainbow.

I don’t own any purple Pops, so this is what I got!

rainbow 1rainbow 2rainbow 3rainbow 4rainbow 5

I can not get them next to each other, so there you go!

10. What is your grail Pop! that you do not own?

The Funko Pop! I want the most is Clown Faced Dumbo!

pop 11.jpg

I want this figure so bad, but it is ridiculously expensive so I doubt that will ever happen.

I will be doing a giveaway in the future, but I am going to wait until I can grow a bit more!



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